Sequence Fractals Part IV #6


si = -1.27i, 1, (repeating)
Center:-0.351+0.546i , Zoom = 25.6

Here is a zoom into the upper left area of yesterday’s picture Sequence Fractals Part IV #5 .

Continuing yesterday thoughts…

The ‘*si‘ and ‘+si‘ variations of two-step sequence fractals are actually different parameterizations of the universe of (affine conjugate equivalence classes of) quartic polynomials. This is fundamentally different than the pan and zoom views of the Mandelbrot set.

Anyway, I think (at least for today, I change my mind daily) that it would be better to dig into the different parameterizations of quartic polynomials as a separate topic, which I may or may not do someday. Even a small understanding of the general situation will help inform the exploration of specific parameterizations. Without that even minimal understanding, it feels like wandering in the dark.

Besides I am now over four months of posts on sequence fractals, with at least another month and a half to go. A lighter touch on the remaining topics is called for.

The next few posts are random views of z2+c*si two step sequence fractals.

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