Earl Hinrichs, aka Spyke, is a pioneering, visionary, mathematical artist. Spyke’s art work has been praised by thousands and is recognized as the gold standard for modern, twenty first century generative art. The one thing Spyke is known for besides his art is his distaste for pretentious, gratuitous, introductory statements written in the third person…

The real version: I used to be very active in online fractal circles in the nineties. That activity slowed in the early 00s. I think it was 2008 when I realized that I had not updated my webpage since 2002.

I have degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. Shortly after college I became a partner is the engineering services company PC Tech in Lake City MN. One of our specialties was high end graphics boards for PCs. That provided the perfect excuse to write fractal software to test and demonstrate our graphic cards.

After we sold the company in the late nineties and my career shifted to corporate manager, working for someone else. So less engineering, less programming, and less fractalling. I retired last year and I am looking forward to dedicating a portion of that retirement to fractals and computer art. (That and spoiling my grandchildren.)