View Near Vortex #2


This series and the previous, Lazy Days, are pushing two opposite extremes. That is not intentional, but it is also not accidental.

One has to be in a certain mood, have a certain mindset, to create compatible art. The light ethereal patterns on a pure white background of Lazy Days is almost heavenly, and definitely not compatible with my typical state of mind.

Several times while working on Lazy Days, I became stuck and needed to step away. In those breaks, I just played around random, chaotic, images. Letting out the demon, so to speak. The next day I was able to resume on the calmer theme of the week.

When it was time to find a theme for the next series, I had all these partially completed, chaotic, experiments just waiting for further exploration.

So, while not intentional, it is easy to see why I tend to bounce between extremes.