Wavy Random Patterns #12


Similar to yesterday’s post, but with heavier layers.

I am going to spend some time (de)constructing this image. I appreciate it when I see similar details on someone else’s web page. I appreciate that the artist took the time to provide the details, and I enjoy the piece more. But that is me. I suspect other’s might say “just show me something new”, or that removing the mystery may decrease one’s appreciation of a piece.

So, normally I try to just give a light touch on the construction details, and move on to the next thing. This week, I am experimental mode, so please indulge me.

Wavy Random Patterns #10


I am still having fun with this theme. At this point, everything is experimental. There is no overarching story, just related one-off pieces. I am experimenting, building a notebook or catalog of experiments. Ideally someday, these are a part of a larger composition.

When one of these experiments show promise, I invest the time to add finishing touches to the image and post it here.

Wavy Random Patterns #5


Here is an image made with one of my preferred color sets.

I often find myself writing the obvious in these descriptions. At that point it is better to stop talking and let the pictures speak for themselves. A title like “blue and brown shades on a bumpy wavy surface” is useful if one is building an inventory of the art. But not too useful when the picture is right there.

There is no overarching story for this set. I ran out of planned posts and had nothing in the queue. I am excited about where this is headed, this theme clearly has a lot of potential. I am in a stage of experimentation and discovery. In this case my motivation was exactly to try blue / brown colors on a bumpy wavy surface.

So, please indulge these obvious compositional descriptions for the next couple of weeks, as that is all there is.

Wavy Random Patterns #4


Now with a black and white color scheme. The logical process would be to create some of these gray scale images first to get a feel for the scale of the color layer, before applying colors. Colors have their own personality. I tend to get lost tweaking colors.

Anyway, after creating yesterday’s picture, I decided to remove colors and use monochrome images to get a feel for the relative scale the elements in the composition. This is one of those.