Smooth 1D Colors #6

fractal 17

Now that is much better. The only thing that has changed is the scale on the palette. The colors palette is “slowed” by a factor of 50. In my program, this value is called color entropy. Previous image = 0.16, this one = 0.0032.

Notice that the color bands are gone. The colors are still set by the integer valued escape count. The only change is the change in the palette scale factor.

Discrete color values do not matter in deep zooms.

The observation should be intuitive, we have large numbers for the escape count, then apply a very small scale factor to the palette. So each step if very small. The difference between two adjacent colors is imperceptible.

Suppose color 0 is black and color 1 is white, your monitor can display only 256 shades of gray between these two color. Put into the 0-1 range, your monitor has discrete shades at each 0.0039 step. In today’s picture, the fractal calculation is scaling the palette by a factor of 0.0032. Each “fractal step” is finer than the “display step”.

This series of post is leading up to different kinds of smooth colors. The conclusion, “do deep zooms” is not the final answer, just the first observation on the journey.

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