Monochrome #3


Friendly, Confident, Bold. Although sometimes Menacing, Invasive. The latter when it reminds me of a Dalek’s lens.

I have many pictures of these fuzzy white dots on my hard drive. I have grown quite fond of them. I created them more as an experiment than as finished work. I see them as an abstraction or template for art. (Abstraction in the general and original artistic sense.)

I led with some possible emotional reactions to this image. Now a technical examination. The viewer’s attention is drawn to the center. The focal point is the exact center of the canvas. Focus or interest wanders towards the edges, then snaps back to the center.

Center focus is the default when I am creating much more complex pieces. If I am thinking about things other than the viewer’s center of focus, it inevitably ends up at the center of the canvas. The feature I find most interesting is placed dead center, smaller supporting features surround and support it, fading out to the edges. Most things are designed this way. It is not creative, it is just the default.