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  1. When I first saw this image ‘Strange Zone # 7 (just now – in thumbnail size) I was startled to see Hokusai’s “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”. No clue why my brain connected that way… could just as easily have been Washington State – Seattle’s Bay system 🙂 or not…

    It was STARTLING for several reasons: First – because today while posting an image of a LICHEN on Mushroom Observer I realized that the profile of that lichen’s ruffled edges have very much the same sort of edge pattern as one of your works from 1997.

    It – and several others you generated back the were so over the top gorgeous I saved tiny thumbnails and look at them once in a while. I am not sure but I think you called it ‘Harvest Moon’ – your name and the year 1997 are in the lower right. There were others – ‘Silvery Night’ & ‘Muddy Water’.

    Not sure if the names I have for them – particularly ‘Harvest Moon’ in my file is your title but it’s on a black background and the fractal’s colors are blues, blue grey, brown and shading to bright buff-white.

    The second reason I was startled to see Strange Zone #7 was that its on YOUR WEBSITE!

    I have been looking for your works for years… I figured that you still had to be generating masterpieces but I simply could not find your site & new images.

    You have NO idea how happy I am to have located this blog and the images.

    If you are interested in the vague similarity … the image i posted of Peltigera collina (I think that’s what it is) on Mushroom Observer is # 1-14-22 6708… https://mushroomobserver.org/484376?q=1lqha


    And I’m wondering if you have larger versions of those old fractals?

    Thanks for posting all of these… I will spend a lot of time here I think 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind comments.

      Brr #3 and a few others in that series remind me of The Great Wave. Although the wave is crashing in the wrong direction.

      I know I am hard to find. Back in the day, put my name or “computer art” into google and my web page was in the top five entries. Now with paid for search placement and specialize SEO, I do not know if my art shows up at all. I have chosen not to keep up with search engine algorithms. I would rather just create art, even if only a few people see it. I get only 10 to 20 legitimate (non-spam) hits a day. (So spread the word for me.)

      I will get you a high resolution copy of the older images you mentioned. One way or another. It will take some work. I found an archive of my art from 1997-2002 buried deep on my hard drive. I assign a sequence number to the images when I create them. I have reset the sequence several times over the years. I add the names when I post the images to my website, or, back in the ’90s, sometime to usenet. So the names are long gone. I have 300 pieces from 1997, I may have to zip them up and let you pick out the ones you like. Keep in mind that 800×600 was consider high resolution back then.

      Several times I have thought about putting the retro images up on the site. You have got me thinking about that again.

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