Smooth 1D Colors #11

Smooth Color Fractal 24

Today’s image uses the accumulator colors method with a variation in the accumulation function.

The log-log smooth coloring method is designed to be as close to escape count coloring as possible. There is very little room to get creative. The accumulator colors method abandons the idea that the integer portion of the smooth color value should match the escape count. Since something less than one is added to the accumulator at each step, the accumulator value is almost certainly less than the iteration escape count. This is not a big deal. In fact after applying linear or nonlinear re-scaling, even escape count coloring does not coincide with the escape count.

The only requirement for smooth coloring with the accumulator colors method is that the amount added at each step must be zero on the escape boundary. That provides a lot of freedom for variations.

Notice how a halo like effect is generated around the fractal. For the fractal purists out there, there is no mathematical significance to this variation. It is done purely for artistic effect.

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