Site Reset

More rambling about site design and maintenance. Probably of little interest to most people.

Much of the recent work has been behind the scenes. Mainly smoothing out the publish work flow. I can create content, words and images, offline. Proofread and revise locally, then push to the live site with confidence. Also locally I have automated all of the picky little details that WordPress likes on a post.

Visible changes include a smaller title, 55 pixels, down from 150 pixels. 150 was not bad compared to other sites, such as WordPress standard themes. There should always be some content visible without scrolling.

The Blog page now shows a single post, to avoid too much vertical scrolling. Also since most post have high resolution images, it loads faster. You can use the archive links if you prefer loading several posts then scrolling through them.

There are several improvements on galleries (still called categories), with more to come. Category is a built in concept in WordPress. It almost works for galleries. WordPress has a more general concept call taxonomy, for grouping and classification. I will be looking into that.

If you are still reading, I would appreciate some feedback. What do you like? Any suggestions? Send me links to sites that you think have a clean and functional design. Do you use WordPress? If so, how does it work for you?

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