Sequence Fractals Part V #9


si = 0.5, 2.5, … (two step repeating)
Center:0.006+0.145i; Zoom = 25.6

In yesterday’s picture, Sequence Fractals Part V #8, notice three hot spots near the center. One in the exact center and two a little to the left above and below the horizontal center line. Today’s picture is a zoom into the top of the central hot spot.

The image suggests an abstraction of waves or trees. The white on the bottom suggests a fresh snowfall in the forest. That is serendipitous. I created this only to demonstration the cutting and chopping that results from non-integer exponents.

At the top the cuts are sparse. They get more dense in the middle to the point where the individual cuts are indistinguishable. Eventually the cuts are so dense, they are sub-pixel resulting in gray sand. I turned capture coloring back on, the white at the bottom is part of the capture set.

2 thoughts on “Sequence Fractals Part V #9

    1. I am planning a winter series, although not restricted to any specific state. Mostly I just use more white than usual.

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