Sequence Fractals Part V #22


s0=1.0, si+1=(0.8+0.6i)*si
Center: -0.102+0.502i; Zoom = 32

I usually think of fractal art as discovery and abstract art as construction.

With fractals, I start with a well-known mathematical formula, explore it, and discover interesting landscapes. With abstract art I try to construct an image that is already in my mind. Put a line here, a circle over there, a squiggle between them, the splash paint on top.

The medium, computer or canvas does not matter. In theory, one could do the fractal calculations by hand and use the results to paint on a canvas. A lot of abstract art, in particular generative art is created with a computer. It is probably easier to draw lines and circles with a pencil or a brush than a computer. It is certainly easier to splash real paint than virtual paint. I choose to use a computer because I am a computer programmer, because my fractal program already had all the basics, and so that I do not have to clean all that stray paint off the floor and walls.

Discovery and construction.

What does any of this have to do with today’s picture? There is no mathematical object behind it. It does not resemble my original intent. It lies somewhere in-between discovery and construction.

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