Sequence Fractals Part V #18


s0=1.0, si+1=(0.6+0.8i)*si
Center: 0+0i; Zoom = 0.5

Here is the usual home base view, horizontal range from -2 to 2, of yesterday’s setup, Sequence Fractals Part V #17. Inside / capture coloring is turned off. The right side is in the capture set. The usual complex exponent cutting and chopping has totally shredded the upper right.

The start point for iteration is 0. I have no idea whether this is a critical point. Does the concept of a critical point even make sense here? Each iteration step is a different function. Each of those functions have a different set of critical points. Anyway, different starting points do not seem to make much difference in the result.

I have the escape radius set very large, 10000. Many orbits never leave this radius. But of the ones that do leave, do they stay gone? Or do they return as with rational functions. I suspect that they eventually return.

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