Sequence Fractals Part III #4


si = a,-a,…; a = -0.15i
Center: 0; Zoom = 0.4

I started this series on sequence fractals just for fun. I was getting bored with the Mandelbrot set, and wanted something similar, but fresh. The idea has no mathematical significance, just random variations on the basic algorithm to generate different fractal pictures.

The simplest case, z^2+c+s_i with a two-step sequence certainly delivered. I managed to spend two months on the simple case, and found many new fractal beasts. Ironically it has been mostly guided by the mathematics.

It felt like the sequence fractals led me to the quartic polynomials, a serendipitous event to be sure, but perhaps I should have just started by studying quartic polynomials.

I no longer feel that way. I do not think that any study of quartic polynomials would have discovered these pictures. Basically the universe of quartic polynomials is so vast, this little speck would go unnoticed.

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