Strange Zone #1


When I was a young boy I liked to read superhero comics. My favorite lesser known character was Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is a movie star now, but back in the early sixties he did not even have his own book. He only got a few pages each month in the back of Strange Tales comics.

Often times Doctor Strange would find himself in a zone between dimensions. The artist, Steve Ditko (better known for Spider-Man) would depict this strange zone with doors to other worlds and dimensions positioned at weird angles, with flimsy bridges between them, surrounded by plenty of sparkly and misty random artefacts. With all of this done in bright artificial colors, like a psychedelic drug trip. If you are not familiar, check out these pages: Character Origin and Ditko’s Doctor Strange Art.

For me, today’s image, and the rest of the Strange Zone series, comes close to recreating the childish awe I felt from those early Doctor Strange comics.