Random Wavy Patterns #25


It is easy to just let things slide. Soon a few days away becomes weeks, months, even years. Every day of inactivity raises the barrier to start again by a little bit.

The energy and/or inspiration to tackle something completely new escapes me right now. So I am revisiting some unpublished / unfinished pieces that were intended for the current set but for whatever reason did not make the cut.

Random Wavy Patterns #24


Resuming the previous theme…

My wife and I took a month long road trip. It was a great vacation, but I only mention it here as an excuse for the lack of activity on the website.

I had several posts queued up for while we were away. I have been home for three weeks now, but it has been hard to get back into creating and posting new art.

This is just a little piece to help me get going again.