Monochrome #1


I was planning a series on the somewhat cliche subject of order and chaos. The thesis being that the most interesting art is on the border between the two, while either extreme is uninteresting. A blank canvas is the most extreme example of order.

What is an example of boring order that is a small step above an empty canvas? To find that I decided to remove all color, and all sharp contrasting edges and transitions. Perhaps the simplest 2D geometric figure is the circle. So, fuzzy circles must be the answer.

Well, it turns out that even fuzzy black and white circles are interesting. Perhaps it is the simplicity itself that makes it interesting. Perhaps it is the irony of setting out do create something uninteresting that makes it interesting. It is surprising and fascinating. It gives me motivation to put the order and chaos project on the back-burner, and to set aside the brightly colored and twisty fractals for a short time to explore the world of fuzzy white dots.

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