Confetti #8

Confetti abstract art 55

At this point, any description seems like stating the obvious. Bigger squares, less chopping, 50% of the canvas is left untouched.

I use the same program, a program I wrote, for both the fractal and the algorithmic art displayed here.

You cannot just sit down and write a program to create an image. Well, you could but it would quickly become a chore and much less fun. There is a lot of mundane overhead beyond the art-algorithm itself. The program needs to know how to color pixels on the screen. My program provides a work area with I create and explore with smaller images. Then when something is ready, it creates a larger, anti-aliased image to publish. It categorizes the image, and saves it to disk. It also saves all the formulas I write for later reuse. I can quickly change parameters for a formula and generate a new image without recompiling. When the code/program part of a formula changes, it compiles the new code without leaving the program.

It is like having a studio with paints, brushes, drop cloth, and with a blank canvas set up and waiting. I tried to design my program like that.

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