Confetti #26

Confetti abstract art 72

I have a long list of art ideas. Well, it is more like a large collections of scattered notes. The notes take many forms, a sketch or line drawing, written descriptions, mathematical formulas, algorithm flowchart, images classified as “needs more work”, photos or other art from the internet that I find interesting. If I were more organized, several of the ideas that could be grouped under “simulated paint flow”, and this image is one, “non gravity simulated paint flow”.

OK, there is some gravity here, the flow appears to be from the upper left. But for the most part there is no uniform flow direction.

So, at some future date, I planned to start with a much less detailed mental picture of something like this image, and work on creating an algorithm. I have some ideas where to start, but the confetti algorithm is certainly not one of them. Chopping and shuffling is the opposite of the goal, in this case I want smooth mixing.

When I completed this one Confetti #24, the detail in the diagonal boundary separating the top left corner is very close to the flow idea. So a little exploratory side trip seemed justified. The low iteration fractal stretches and distorts the confetti squares, turning them into little rivulets. It is a delicate balance. Too few iterations and they are still rectangles, and in some cases parabolic sections. Too many iterations and they turn into fractals.

I am going to revisit this in the future, and it will have a different and cooler name. “Non gravity simulated paint flow” is just for my internal notes. Although, maybe if I say it often enough…

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