Confetti #2

confetti abstract art 46

Today’s image has the same basic starting point as yesterday. Here the typical “square” is an actual square. Yesterday they were elongated rectangles.

If you are not a daily reader, the algorithm is described in the previous post Confetti #1. The final algorithm is quite different, and much more complex than where I started.

Sometimes algorithmic art incorporates randomness into the algorithm. Despite what the appearance may suggest, this image and the rest are not random. The algorithm will produce this image, and only this image on every run. And in response to the cynics, no, that consistency is not achieved by setting a seed for a random number generator. For example there is a reference “square”, that gets modified. Width, height, orientation angle are changes. The changes are determined by a function based on the x,y screen coordinates. There is a mix of different distorted squares. The mix has a mean and standard deviation like a random sample in statistics. But it is deterministic, not random.

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