Confetti #15

Confetti abstract art 61

Organic Colors #1

Ok, another subtitle, even after I said I would not do that.

At an art gallery, the paintings, especially the old masters are almost always muted unsaturated colors and limited palettes. There may be a boring explanation for this, the colors faded over time, or that was the only paint available to the artist. I like that it was the artist’s choice, and that it shows remarkable confidence and restraint.

I like palettes with high contrast black and white, and with saturated primary colors. Art school would say that I overdo it. However, compared to most modern art on the internet, I think show much constraint. Sometimes I like to get a little outside my comfort zone, and work with muted palettes. If nothing else, just for variety, but also as exercise to avoid letting the bright colors become a crutch.

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