Workshop 202012 #10


I am not sure what to say artistically about this one. I want to dismiss it, but it holds my attention. It is a mess, but features that seems “just plain wrong” flip to “compositionally perfect”, and back again.

I like art that challenges me. If you do not, that is ok, thank you for taking a look. Please check the other images, I hope you find something you like that better.

Nerd talk time. Earlier I mentioned “low iteration non-fractals”. I created this to demonstrate why I have been keeping the iteration count low. If the underlying formula is not clean (holomorphic function) the intricate winding spirals that you expect are not there. Instead you get large smoothly colored areas, where the higher iterations add nothing, areas where the fragmentation from the discontinuities dominate, and areas of “dust” with a mix of colors and no defined shape.

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