Workshop 202012 #2


More blended color bands.

I was working on tools or techniques. I draw a single fuzzy wavy line, not as the finished product, but as a prototype to study. How can I vary it? Size, color, waviness. How can this be used alone or with other tools to produce a finished piece?

Inevitably the prototype and experimentation lead to something that I want to finish and publish. Often those get lost because I am in ‘tool’ mode, and do not want to get distracted. They get set aside with the intention to revisit later, and later never comes.

Lately I have made it a policy when I get an interesting prototype to set aside tool development and try to develop a finished piece. Sometimes I can create something that is unique and interesting enough to be worthy of publication. Sometimes it is just a dead end.

To be clear, these are finished pieces, not mere experiments. I may not have started the day with the intention to end up here. Often you cannot plan creativity or inspiration.