Vines #10

Vines Fractal 40

Center: -0.7535-0.0482i, window width = .0019.

I was undecided whether to post this one or delete it. The accumulator coloring uses a square rather than a circle. The problem is that the base fractal, that is same area but with default escape-time coloring, is complex and interesting on its own. In a sense, that starting point is thick. The vine coloring is fighting with, and colliding with the base fractal. There is not enough surrounding open area for the “decorations”.

I may return to this one. A lighter touch on the enhancements, similar to Smooth 1D colors #16 or Vines #1 may produce better results.

I have moved on to other things, and there is more work to do before starting the next topic. I do not want to get in the habit of skipping a day because what I have is not perfect. So I decided to post this as-is.

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