Site Reset

I planned to slow down the posting for a couple of weeks to work on some of the site internals. That was a year ago. No, it does not take that long. Other, more interesting things kept me away. It was an easy task to put off. And it turns out a much larger task than anticipated.

Yes, it does not look like much has changed. Most of the changes are hidden. I added a custom database table and plugin to the WordPress install. The real source of the post and image data is on the local computer. Updates are made on the local system, where it generates a json file with the changes and pushes it to the remote web site. The WordPress plugin makes the necessary changes on the site. Working locally to create and organize content is easier. The automation helps ensure that the several easy, but also easy to overlook, steps to add a post are always done correctly.

It also helps ensure that my local install, remote test install, and live web site are the same. Nothing is more frustrating than when something works on the test site but fails on the live deployment.

Of course some stuff still does not work. But failing consistently is much better than working intermittently.

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