Solipsism #2

I said on May 18, my plan was to post one thing a day. I had 60+ daily posts through July 22, it was a good streak until I missed the last two days.

I could say I was busy with other stuff, that would be true. But it is also true that I made the decision to be busy with other stuff instead of this blog, and new computer art. So that is not a real explanation. I can’t say it is lack of inspiration. I still have a long list of ideas to work on, and several existing items that are almost ready to publish. Still, there is some kind of mental obstacle that I cannot identify it.

When I set my one-a-day goal, I did not put any limitations on the quality of the post. A single word, an observation on the weather, or a rant on the current political situation would count. Plenty of people are able to produce many useless words on such things. Even this post is better than most.

So here I am, trying to get back in the groove.

I am still calling this topic solipsism. The site hit rate is getting up near 20 (unique / non spam) hits per day, up from 10 two months ago. It is an improvement, but a cute cat picture on Facebook gets ten or one hundred times as many views. So, I feel all alone, like I am talking to myself.

I had no artistic inspiration today. But that will come back, it always does. This more or less empty post is a step in the process.

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