I missed a day’s post. That is just how it looks on the front page / news feed. There are several new gallery pages. You can view them here: Galleries or by clicking the “Galleries” link in the top tool bar.

So far, all of the images have been previously published as feature images in blog posts. Sections for upcoming posts (blog post planned, but words not ready yet) and previously unpublished art (no words or blog post) are planned. 

If you click on a picture in a gallery you get a full resolution version, and from there you can right-click to download a copy. If you right-click in the gallery you may get a reduced-bandwidth low resolution version, so do the extra click to get a good copy. Please be careful what you do with the downloaded image. Remember that is has a copyright.

This site is built with WordPress, and the galleries are the default WordPress gallery. As with everything, there is a tradeoff. The default gallery is easy to get started. They are easy to put up, but there is lot of mindless repetition involved. I am sure I forgot to click a box here, or fill in a field there. I would like to have a link from the gallery to the original blog post. Also, each image has a, currently inaccessible, page for user comments. It would be nice to have links to those locations as well. But the default gallery widget only allows one link per picture, and I figure the high quality image is the best choice. Still, without the easy default tool, the galleries would still be empty.

The same is true for WordPress in general. It is almost easy enough to use that I can just start typing a blog post, and it takes care of the rest. But then I need to attach the feature image, set tags, categories and other easy things that become annoying with repetition. Of course if I had to DIY the user registration, comments, and database programming, the site would be single “under construction” page.

I also added a couple of widgets on the right to help navigate to older posts. Not the best, but they were built in WordPress options.

Enough talking about myself to myself. More pictures tomorrow…

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