Favorite Fractal Program

tl;dr: Do you have a favorite fractal program? Do you want to talk about it? Please let me know.

Sometimes I am not sure to whom I am writing. I am just trying to make it a habit to write and create art, and to not get bogged down by introspection and planning.

The recent posts have been like a tutorial. I plan to continue this theme for a few more days. Writing a tutorial implies someone, the reader, you, wants to know “how”. And that implies someone wants to make similar images.

I know that when I see art I like, after simply appreciating its existence, I want to know the “how”. What materials were used, whatever the origin, brushes, computer programs, mathematics? What was the artist thinking? There will be many days when I post a picture on this blog without any explanation, after all, that is better than a blank page. But I will strive to add a few words when I can. These “how” pages, has value. Even if incomplete.

What if someone wants to create pictures like these? Well first, I think that would be great. Please create and share. If you want, you can share them here. I would be honored to host them.

You do not have my software, and my software will never be ready to share. You do not have to write your own software, you can but it is not necessary. There are plenty of free and commercial programs you can use. I am not familiar with most of them. If anyone is interested, I could do some research and create a resource page.

I need help from you. The tutorial would be better with specific examples. Something the reader can build and experiment with. Software that only runs on my computer does not meet that need. If you have a favorite program that is available to the public, would you be willing to show how to apply these concepts in that software? Just to be clear, leave the full “how to use the program” tutorial to the publisher. I am thinking just a quick “In software ___ this concept is called ___, and it is found in menu/form ____”

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