This site is getting ten non-search hits a day, with three to five spam comments in Russian (deleted).

So I am probably all alone here, and I am writing this post to myself. I will go ahead and be self-indulgent, after all, no one will notice. If you happen to read this, and you are not me, go ahead and skip to the next post. I will not be insulted.

The low hit rate is OK, I do not expect more at this time. I have not started promoting the site yet. I really need to be consistent and regularly put up new posts. My last posts were two months ago. Interestingly, the hit rate was slightly higher for a short time.

So I need to make posting a habit. This is the usual “I have been busy / I will get better” post that you see in blogs that are dying or never get started. I know, I have been there myself several times. I do not want that to happen again.

So, starting now, at least one post a day. Even if I have nothing to say I will write something. Even if it is solipsistic introspection like this. Things improve with practice. Hopefully, both the quality and quantity of my posts will improve with practice. Hopefully this public commitment keeps me going.

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