Smooth 1D Colors #13

fractal 22

Here is a zoom into a Misiurewicz point using accumulator colors, with linear palette re-scaling. The main fractal has a lot of “sparkles”. This is the same situation as with escape count coloring, the rate of color change increases with the higher iteration count.

The accumulator color method can create color shading that more closely follows the fractal shape. With iteration counts or log-log smoothing the background is a single color, or gradually changes from the outside to the inside. See Smooth 1D Colors #6 and Smooth 1D Colors #7 for comparison.

Minor oops, I intended to use the same coordinates to contrast accumulator coloring and log-log coloring. I just realized that I have two different Misiurewicz points. I have this image prepared so I am going with it. I may follow up later with new colors for the images in the earlier posts.

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