Smooth 1D Colors #12


Here is a small zoom. The accumulator colors method is again provides smooth colors. A variation is used to add some interest to the background, without distracting from the main fractal shapes.

The image center is -1.055+0.261i. It is the period 2/7 bulb off the main 1/2 bulb. After looking at a few pictures like this you soon learn how to read these fraction numbers off the image. Notice that there are seven branches radiating from the center, and that the longest is the second clockwise from the root. If you zoom out to the full view, you see the black area on the bottom is part of the main 1/2 bulb (nose or head).

In the top left corner, notice how one stalk reaches a pinch point the seems to grow again. This is true of all of the branches in the picture. It is almost a degenerate case, but applying the same fraction counting scheme as for the 2/7 branch point, we get 1/2. That tells us that all of these are growing off the main 1/2 bulb.

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