Smooth 1D Colors #2

Fractal  13

In the previous image, the escape threshold was set as tight as possible (R=2.0). Notice how all of the black and white bands meet at the left most tip of the mandelbrot set. This image has a larger threshold, it uses R=10.0. Now there is always a gap between the bands.

Not that we are any closer to smooth coloring. This is just another example of non-continuous colorings.

(Introspective diversion: A normal blogger would combine these multiple posts into a single article. I am trying to get into the habit of making daily posts. Trying to write a large post a day will result in immediate failure. The article never feels complete, and often never gets posted. Whereas, adding one small increment to the story each day is possible, and feels like success. I can find the motivation to add one more picture to the story each day.)

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