Sequence Fractals Part V #11


si = 0.5, 2.5, … (two step repeating)
Center:-1.469-0.845i; Zoom = 16

When you do find something you like, it is hard to stop at just one. This has the same color scheme, and coordinates close to yesterday’s picture, Sequence Fractals Part V #10.

A good question to ask is how much of this is from the non-integer exponents, and how much is due to the sequence fractal iteration (alternating two different exponents). I was prepared to say it is mostly due to the non-integer exponent. But before saying that I decided to do some experiments with the normal fractal algorithm on z^{2.5}+c. The result looked almost like a typical polynomial iteration. There were obvious cuts, but the cuts were not very dense. In-between the cuts, and dominating the image, were the usual fractal swirlies. Perhaps I did not look in the right place, or choose the wrong exponent. But I am convinced that the sequence fractal aspect is an equal contributor.

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