Sequence Fractals Part III #3


si = a,-a,…; a = -0.25i.
Center: 0; Zoom = 0.4

I had no idea where this was headed with I started the Sequence Fractal series. Will actually I did have a good idea, it just that that idea was nothing like what actually happened. That is a good thing, I like the actual result much more than the original plan.

I am writing a blog, not a book. If I were writing a book I could embrace the new directions found while writing. I could reorder and retitle the chapters and present a finished product that is a nice unified whole. But with a blog, the earlier pages are already out there. It is too late to change the starting point or to hide a change in direction.

I suppose I could go back and retitle and reorder the blog posts. But that is too much work for me, and would generate more confusion than clarity for the reader.

You might suggest that I could have created the final draft of all posts in the series before posting the first. That sounds good in principle, but does not work well. Stuff gets misplaced, I get bogged down in details and lose sight of the big pictures. Staying organized becomes a bigger chore than creating content. And then soon the website has gone years without a new post. (I have been doing this for three decades, and there have been several multi-year hiatuses in that span.)

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