Sequence Fractals Part III #2


si = a,-a,…; a = -0.5i.
Center:0; Zoom = 0.3

I have just a few more two-step pictures to post. First a few with a approaching 0 from the negative pure imaginary direction. As I post these I am going to dial way back on the math and write about other things. Feel free to ignore the words if I get too introspective.

I have some foresight into future posts, but not much.

I try to make a post every day. That does not mean that I start each day start with a blank page. There is a process of sorts. I explore a topic, create several low resolution pictures with rough notes on each. Then sort and group them, select a subset, put them in order and generate a plan for the next few days or the next week. Then I generate the high resolution images and turn the notes into a post and push it to the website. I try queue up a few days of posts in advance so there is time for a final proof read and link testing. The webpage is set to automatically publish the posts at 0000 hour on the scheduled day.

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