Sequence Fractals Introduction #3


z^2+c+s_i two cycle sequence.

Many of these have a familiar / not familiar feel. At first glance this looks like it could be found in the Mandelbrot set. Looking closer you see the small separated features that hover above each terminal point.

The focus in this series is on the math, not the art.

As usual, I need to immediately qualify that statement. The math is not deep. I mix up sequences and fractals in various ways and ask “what does this looks like”. A picture is generated which provides the answer “it looks like this”. No deep proofs or theory. Just pictures of mathematics.

On the other side of the coin, the pictures still have some artistic value. This is more discovery and less constructive than when I set out to create art. Even on the discovery side I spend less than the usual amount of time framing and coloring the fractal. But still, I hope you find these more interesting than a graph of a parabola.

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