Mish Mash Rush #7


Here is another orange / blue themed work. Sparser, with larger pieces.

This one and the previous Mish Mash Rush #6 could easily be the basis for a stand-alone series. I may do that someday, with these and with other mini-sets in this series.

I typically work about a week ahead of when I publish. I build up a queue and the blog software publishes the next post at midnight each day. I am writing this seven days before you read it.

I am going to be busy for the next month, and it is unlikely that I will have time to add artwork to the blog. I can be obsessive about keeping the blog flowing. (I have had long dry spells in the past.) I am in a rush to get a month’s worth of posts queued up in a couple of days. Hence the “Rush” part of the series name. Fortunately the artwork already exists, I only need to write these words and get the words and art moved to the web site.

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