Minimalist Geometric Abstraction #3

minimalist geometric abstract art 54

One more in the minimalist geometric abstraction detour.

I have been comparing pixel-first and object-first algorithmic art, as well as making comparisons to fractals. As with fractals, a pixel coordinate is converted into a complex number then through a series of calculations on that number, a color is determined. Because of that, like fractals, you could say that this image is infinite, is extends forever is every direction, and this is a view of one rectangle. You can pan and zoom to find other interesting area. I said “you could say that”, I consider the bounding rectangle to be an essential part of the image / algorithm. But that is just semantics.

When I say “fractal like” in this case I mean specifically escape-time fractals, the ‘normal’ kind, not the ifs fractals or flame fractals I mentioned yesterday.

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