Footnotes #3


Little Rooms #3

Continuing yesterday’s Footnotes #2 notes: There is of course a downside to saving everything when 99% of that which is saved is not worth saving. I have about 70000 objects saved, half of them are bitmap images. Most of the images are low resolution, and small variations, slightly different shading or framing of other images. It is a good thing that we live in the time of multi-terabyte hard drives.

Now there is a noticeable delay when I start the program as it indexes those things. Housecleaning is overdue. The program has a delete button, and the program has a smart garbage collection mode. It will keep the items in the “published” state and all their dependencies. But that does not help with all the things that are ready but for whatever reason not published yet, or things not ready but I want to return to.

I am in the process of finding those things that I intended to finish and publish, but never made it into the main flow last year.

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