Confetti #6

Confetti abstract art 47

Here is another fractal / confetti hybrid. This works better because the fractal part is deemphasized. You probably recognized the dark potion as a tendril in a typical fractal with smaller branches off to the sides.

Although, in this case, while an improvement over the previous, I think it just adds unnecessary complexity. Layering the confetti mixing algorithm over a simple collection of circles, squares and lines works equally as well, if not better.

Confetti #5

Confetti abstract art 50

I tried to mix the confetti algorithm with the fractal algorithm. I am not pleased with the result. But I am posting it anyway if anyone else was wondering what a (failed) mashup might look like.

The main problem is the confetti algorithm and fractal algorithm have equal influence. The image cannot make up its mind what it is. Often that type of ambiguity is desirable, but it does not work here.