Bugs #8

Bugs Fractal 78

Today’s image uses the parameterized version of the bug formula with parameter a = 2.5.

The parameterized version of the bug formula is bug_a(x+iy) = x + i*a*sin(y/a). When a = 1.0, this is the same as the non-parameterized version.

For large values of a, the bug formula gets close to the identity function, and the images get closer to the Mandelbrot set. By adjusting the parameter a, you can control the degree of distortion / similarity when compared to z^2+c.

In this view, with a = 2.5, the non-cyclic, non-escaping chaotic region in the upper right and lower right of Bugs #3 and Bugs #4 are gone. The body looks pretty normal. Surrounding the body is a bifurcating webbing that is characteristic of the bug formula.

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