50000 Rectangles #11


50000 rectangles.

(Continued from 50000 Rectangles #10.) Things got better with these changes. I could scale up the image without noticeable artifacts. But finding the right distance and other parameter setting required way too much fiddling. And the result simply was not that exciting.

Then came inspiration (or perhaps laziness). I decided that I was not trying to accurately simulate lighting on a surface. Rather I was just coming up with a new way to alter an image. I should think of this as just another metaphorical brush in the tool box.

I started applying unrealistic parameter setting. I used larger distances for the triangle coordinates. I modified the dot-product calculation for ray reflection. I added a second “eye” location.

Now the effect was distorted and exaggerated. Interesting, but not realistic.

That is the right answer. This is abstract art. It is not meant to depict any reality. It may vaguely trigger some association, but that association should be loose and fluid. My distorted, imperfect, 3D lighting is like putting the eye in the wrong place on a face.

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