Red Blue Zone #5


Starting Point.

This is one of the originals. First I pulled some pieces out of Strange Zone II for Busy Zone. Then I pulled some pieces out of Busy Zone for Red Blue Zone. Then I decided to reduce the clutter, and reworked all of them. All except for this one, which I saved to show you one of the too-busy originals.

Series introduction:Red Blue Zone #1
Parent series introduction:Strange Zone II #1
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Red Blue Zone #1


The Red Blue Zone as you may have guessed consists of images that are predominately reds and blues. The patterns are similar to other “Zone” images.

All of the images here are new.

As with the other recent Zone series, late last year I put together the preliminary plans and the initial set for this series. In the first pass, this group was part of Busy Zone. I separated it for the similar colors.

After recently finishing publishing Busy Zone, I had a desired to dial back on the high density chaos of that series. Consequently, all of the original candidates for the Red Blue series have been replaced with reworked or new pieces with less chaos.