Experiment 2023.2 #2


I started out with a vague plan. The main point was to be organized. I would list things to try, try those things, record and document the results. Then I would further pursue the ideas I liked best.

As usual, I am easily distracted and often head down the proverbial rabbit hole. So instead of a pseudo-scientific organized study of variant ideas, the result is a collection of distractions.

I do not have time to start over while this blog remains idle. So I will try to impose some organization while posting what I have.

Experiment 2023.2 #1


It has been a week since my last post. I need to get started again.

The story so far: In Monochrome Minimalism I explored simple white on black shapes. In Monochrome Minimalism #2 I listed some ideas about how to enhance the monochrome shapes. Then in Experiement 2023.1 I explored a few of those ideas.

In this Experiment 2023.2 series I continue with those experiments.