Experiment 2023.1 #1


This is the first piece in a series of experiments to enhance simple monochrome shapes. The starting points are similar to the items in the previous series Monochrome Minimalism.

Here, and in most of the posts that will follow, I use spray paint effect to add texture to the too-smooth shades in the simple shapes of the previous series.

The spray paint variant was not the list of experiments described in Monochrome Minimalism #2. But it is an easy, gentle way to get started messing thing up.

Monochrome Minimalism #3


I had intended the previous two posts to be a quick introduction to a series with explores one way to alter the simple monochrome shapes. I figured they were too boring for a dedicated series. Generally, I prefer chaotic and messy.

However as I was selecting the images for the introduction I found the simple patterns to be soothing and introspective. They do deserve a separate series.

So I am going to post a few more before moving on. Many others have been put on the shelf for now. I will pull them out from time to time and continue this series between other inspirations.

Monochrome Minimalism #2


I have been trying to do things “all at once”. I rush to add the little tweaks and features that are the basis of an inspiration. But then the finished item seems unplanned. For example, I may wish I had started with a better background. But the energy is not there to start over.

Recently I have been playing with black and white shapes. Not intended as finished products, but rather as an ingredients in a more complex composition. The hope is that the minimal monochrome forms will become solid starting points.

That are many ways to proceed from here. They are options for a background. Color can be added. They could be replicated at different scales and become a theme. The smooth surfaces could be distressed with rough edges, cracks and tears. Two or three could be combined to generate conflict.

Monochrome Minimalism #1


It has been four months since my last post. Yes, other things have kept me busy. But that is not a good explanation. I have spent a lot of time trying to create pieces for this blog. I am trying to create something unique and special. This is not that. It is just that I am worried that if I let the blog sit idle much longer, I will never get back to it. So here is something to generate some momentum.