Port 22 #10


Inspired by topographical maps.

While working on an algorithm to detect the intersection of two objects, some tests were needed. I put together test cases for various simple 2d and 3d objects such as lines, planes, spheres. For a more challenging test case, I created an bumpy terrain and tried to intersect it with a flat rectangle.

The test passed immediately, but I headed off on a tangent to create interesting, surreal landscapes. The results of that foray make up the next few posts.

Port 22 #8


The new Visual Studio is working now. I decided that while I had the hood open, it would be a good time to tweak some other things. I had a long list of things that work, but could be made to work better.

Of course little things tend to become big things, and that great alternate design turns out to not be so great. I just accept that this is part of the process of learning and improving. I am not going to bore you with the details. It is mentioned only to provide an excuse for the recent scarcity of blog posts.

Along the way while making these program changes, I create test images. The main motivation is of course to test and explore new ideas. Some of those test images are interesting on their own. I classify these as “work in process” and save them to develop further in the future. For now, I need to keep focus on adding / improving program features.

This one gives an impression of colored lights in a dark room.

Port 22 #7


My posts have slowed down in the last three months. My program port to VS2022 has been complete for some time now. Previously I described two problems with the port. The first was solved by loading unnecessary dlls to get the compiler to work. The second, AssemblyLoadContext is a poor substitute for AppDomain, has two consequences; it wastes memory and prevents recovery when an add-on crashes or hangs. I grew up in an era where external storage access and memory were expensive. I need to keep reminding myself that this is not a problem in the 21st century. And if an add-on fails, I terminate the run and restart in debug mode. It does not happen often and when it does I usually need the debug tools to find fix the flaws anyway.

So I am content to live with the problems.