Black Rainbow #9


Last year I set a goal to make 150 blog posts, and I made over 300 posts. I cannot keep up that pace. This year my goal is 100 blog posts.

I am a little nervous about slowing down. I have had this web site for 25 years now. There has been many changes, and many reboots. There have been a few times when I said I was going to slow down, with the good intention of maintaining a slower pace, and then go a year or more between updates. I won’t let that happen this time.

Black Rainbow #2


Here is the first of two very minimal pieces.

I completed the first one in this series some time last year. I had put together several low-resolution “sketches” as candidates for the series. I made a list of additional experiments I wanted to try. Vary the relative size of the black and color bands. Replace the rainbow with other colors, such as shades of silver and gold. Create and mix in a competing “White Rainbow”. As usual, I got distracted with other things.

I am cleaning up and finishing some the better early candidates now. The additional experiments will have to wait. Perhaps I will get around to those and post a “Black Rainbow II” series in 2022.