Workshop 202103 #2


Orange Fans

Some of the workshop pieces are one-off. I am experimenting with ideas, and come up with one or two things that are worthy of publishing. Some do not fit into a series. Sometimes the uniqueness is enough, the uniqueness makes them special. Other times I am just not in the mood to pursue the idea further. Sometimes when progress on one idea is slow and discouraging, I step away and create something totally unrelated before I can continue.

I think this one came about from a combination of the above reasons.

Workshop 202103 #1


Color Synced Fractal

A short palette of five colors is used around a period five point.

I am working on another themed collection. I have a start on it. These things often head off into unexpected directions, and by the time I am done, I regret where I started. So I want to be able to see at least 50% of the collection before publish the first ones.

In the meantime I will publish a random assortment of other things, and call it “Workshop”.

Colors I Hate #20



Here is another shape I came up with for the “coloring book”. The simpler version used in the previous images won out. Still this one deserves at least an honorable mention.

I think I am at the end of the “Colors I Hate” series. I was not methodical in picking out the colors. I started out selecting colors at random. Midway through I tried using a color wheel and color theory to select colors. The results were disappointing. Possibly because I was not being careful and not selecting the right colors. It might be interesting to do this with properly and precisely selected colors based on color theory. But not now.

Colors I Hate #15



More pixel dust. During my early experiments with this I started thinking I might need two colors. The red “sand” seemed too uniform. But I am focusing on limited palettes in this series and started out thinking “today is red day”. Adding another color was not an option. So I stuck with it and eventually everything came together.

Also, still getting my chaos fix.