Workshop 202012 #30


And a Fractal

A quick digression today. I had this queued up with the Workshop group last month, but never got around to publishing it. So better late than never.

I combined the fuzzy line idea with a fractal. I am pleased with the result in the big and normally flat areas on the outside. However the inner “capture set” portion is too busy. The fine detail curlicues are masked by just noise.

There should be a way to gradually transition from the blended lines coloring on the outside to traditional escape-time fractal coloring on the inside. I will explore that at some unspecified future date.

Fuzzy Lines #1


Fuzzy Lines

I just finished posting 29 images that I created in December. Initially I saw these as a collection of odds and ends, experiments, with no overriding theme or story. But as I struggled to add words to the images, I started to discover connections, and potentially some stories. I was then, and still am, too lazy to provide a decent organization. So they will probably forever be “Workshop 202012”.

As I was preparing the previous set to publish, I was also discovering additional things to explore. So here is a new set, similar to the old set, with better categorization.