Workshop 202012 #1


Starting a new series, “Workshop”. This is catch-all series. Nothing is really planned, there is no particular order. It is best summarized as “what I have been working on lately”

Here I overlay bands of color. The bands are mostly distorted sine waves. They are fuzzy on the edges to blend in with surrounding features.

Someday, I may reclassify these as part of a series. Or maybe not, and this is it, just a bucket of one-off items.

Monochrome #13


A spiral in the center.

I tried to move the spiral center off the canvas center, but that did not seem to add interest. So this time I stayed with my initial dead-center instinct.

Monochrome #12


Continuing with the variations. This time many of the dots are stretched along elongated sine waves, and everything is tilted about 30 degrees.

Normally I do not like the wall paper type of repetition. I think it is palatable here. It provides a pattern that is easily grasped.

Monochrome #11


More not-really-random dots. Variable sizes, and some are stretched.

The number of different sizes are limited. The stretching is limited to the orthogonal directions. The larger sized items are more rare.

Initially the image seems rather busy. The additions generate more interest than just same sized dots. By limiting the addition to just a few patterns, there is a competing simplicity.

I made several of these, with various feature rules. More or fewer sizes, more or fewer orientations. I like this one the best. I also find it depends on my mood. Sometimes I like the simpler ones, sometime the more chaotic ones.

Monochrome #10


Another random/not-random array of dots, similar to the previous post.

Consecutive dots, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal seems to be the key ingredient. These lines are about the only thing that works. If I try to build, for instance, a section of a circle, or alternating dot/no-dot, it takes too much space and the image immediately jumps firmly to the not-random side of the ledger.