Bugs #28

Bugs Fractal 102

Nerdtalk: a = 2, center = (-1.55, 0.33). Formula information can be found in earlier post Bugs_#14. cos() is used instead of sin(), but the results are similar.

Solipsism: Yep, still talking to myself. Unique non-bot page hits have dropped back down to between five and ten a day. No one is leaving comments. I kept up the one-post-a-day pace for over 100 posts, but I have slowed down in the last two weeks. I am going to take a break for a little while. No not for a decade like last time, just for a few weeks.

I still have ten or so finished images to post in the bugs series, I will get those posted, slowly, not daily. I also need to generate a gallery page for the series. So the blog will not be entirely quiet.

It is not that I am burnt out, just the opposite actually. I have been working on my program. Not in the art algorithm / generative aspects, but more in the fundamentals. There are always bugs to fix, and tests to write to keep the bugs out. The fun part is that I am adding a layer to help with organizing my recipes/formulas. The program now (well soon) will track and categorize images/recipes by those that have been published, are queued to be published, need little tweaks before sharing, ideas for a new series, etc. I will be able to select formulas, palettes and similar things by clicking a representative image, rather than remembering the name.

I want to make changes to the site as well. WordPress has been great for getting me started again. Back in the day, the site was all static html files. That was a really energy drain when I wanted to post something new. But WordPress has its own kind of energy / productivity drag. The WordPress web interface dashboard is great for non-programmers. But it quickly becomes too much clicking and form-filling-in for me. The default gallery sucks. There are numerous third party plug-in galleries, but none do want I want. You get the idea, I will stop whining about why I want to make changes.

I envision a day when a button in my art program will automatically generate the image at multiple resolutions (thumb, mobile, gallery, full), ftp them to the web site, give them reasonable and trackable automatic names, add to a gallery page, and generate html for a notes and comments page.

So, the bottom line is, my posts will slow down while I am working on these background tasks.