Basic Fractal #5


Fractal art, such as in the previous post, often resembles Psychedelic art. It may be interesting to ruminate about the similarity in a future post. But let’s leave the deep thinking for later, and for now just say “it’s the colors”.

When I am building a fractal I am always tempted to add more and brighter colors. In my program, that is an easy knob to turn. There are so many colors to choose from, I do not want to leave any out.

It takes more effort to work with a limited palette. Here is the same fractal as the previous post, but with a blue and brown color palette.

Basic Fractal #1

Fractal 0

OK, time for another reboot of my web site. I will showcase computer generated art. I plan to include many types of computer art. My interested in computer art solidified when mathematics, art, and computer programming came together in a Scientific American article in 1985. And then with the 1986 book The Beauty of Fractals by Heinz-Otto Peitgen and Peter Richter.

Fractals will be the starting point for this blog. In particular escape time fractals. Wikipedia knows everything, and explains Fractals better than I can. Today’s image is of a specific type of escape time fractal, the Mandelbrot set. Again, I will let Wikipedia link provide the details.