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Fractal a-496

If you know fractals, I get the membrane effect by applying the real sin function to one of the real or imaginary components of the complex number between each iteration. If you don’t know fractals, it doesn’t matter. If you want to know more, well that is a topic for a future blog post. Today’s topic is about building a web site.

Is anyone reading this? I kind of doubt it. But if so, please drop a comment. Any comment is welcome, the web page, the art, the mathematics, the state of health care in the US. Although today what I value most is comments on how the web page looks.

I chose WordPress to avoid all the rookie mistakes I would make if I built the site from scratch. For example, I certainly did not want to hand build a comments section and user management. However, the simple things become more complicated. I have not idea how to do some things in WordPress that would be simple HTML or CSS tweaks on a static page.

I like how the site looks now. Pages should work equally well on a phone, tablet, or monitor. So please let me know if you notice something broken. Also point me towards web pages that you think have nice design for ideas.

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